Sesshu (雪舟) (Biographical details)

Sesshu (雪舟) (painter/draughtsman; Japanese; Male; 1420 - 1506)

Also known as

Sesshu (雪舟); Sesshu Toyo (雪舟等楊); Sesso Toyo (拙宗等揚); Sesso (拙宗); Toyo (等揚)


Painter. A legend told of the great Japanese ink-painter Sesshu Toyo. As a Zen acolyte in Hofuku-ji Temple he was tied to a post of the temple by his instructor, who was angry that he cared only about painting and not his other studies. On returning later, the instructor found what he thought was a lifeless rat at Sesshu's feet, which it turned out he had painted with his tears, using his toe (The story appears as early as 1693, in Kano Eino, 'Honcho gashi').