Ishikawa Toyonobu (石川豊信) (Biographical details)

Ishikawa Toyonobu (石川豊信) (printmaker; Japanese; Male; 1711 - 1785)

Also known as

Ishikawa Toyonobu; Tanshodo (art name); Shuha (秀葩); Shichibei


Print artist. Said to be a pupil of Nishimura Shigenaga. A major artist of prints of beautiful women in the 'benizuri-e' period, Toyonobu was adopted into the family which ran the Nukaya lodging house in Kodemma-cho, 3-chome and took the name Shichibei. He set a rich tone for the late 1740s and early 50s with his pure, elegant and gentle style, and particularly excelled in hand-coloured wide pillar prints and large 'benizuri-e' in shades of pink and green.