Yu Geun-Hyeong 유근형 柳根瀅 (Haegang 해강 海剛) (Biographical details)

Yu Geun-Hyeong 유근형 柳根瀅 (Haegang 해강 海剛) (ceramicist/glass worker/potter; South Korean; Korean; Male; 1894 - 1993)

Also known as

Yu Geun-Hyeong (유근형 (Korean) 柳根瀅 (Chinese characters)); Yu Kun-hyong; Haegang (해강 (Korean) 海剛 (Chinese characters))


Potter, Master maker of celadon ware (Cheongjajang 청자장 磁匠). Intangible Cultural Asset No.13 of Kyeonggi-do. Haegang is the studio name of the potter, Yu Kun-hyong (Yu Geung-Hyeong), who sought to re-create traditional Koryo celadon. He established the Haegang Research Institute and Museum in Icheon, Kyeonggi-do, South Korea, in 1990 with his son, Yu Kwang-Ryeol (유광렬 柳光烈), who carries on his father's legacy.


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