President Saddam Hussein (Biographical details)

President Saddam Hussein (politician/statesman; Iraqi; Male; 28 April 1937 - 30/12/2006)

Also known as

Hussein, Saddam


President of Iraq; born in al-Auja, near Tekrit, to Hussein al-Majid al-Tikriti (father) and Sabha (mother). Joined the Ba'ath party 1957; attempted assassination of Prime Minister Abdul Karim Kassem, October 1959; fled to Syria and Egypt; returned to Baghdad after the execution of Kassem in 1963; took power in July 1979 after President Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr stepped aside; launched first so-called "Gulf War" with neighbouring Iran in 1980, ceasefire in 1988; invaded neighbouring Kuwait in August 1990 which led to the second "Gulf War"; in March 2003, US led third "Gulf War" against Iraq; captured December 2003 and put on trial thereafter. Executed in 2006.


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