Kim Ki-Chang 김기창 金基昶 (Unbo 운보 雲甫) (Biographical details)

Kim Ki-Chang 김기창 金基昶 (Unbo 운보 雲甫) (painter/draughtsman; academic/intellectual; South Korean; Korean; Male; 1913 - 2001)

Also known as

Kim Ki-Chang (김기창 (Korean) 金基昶 (Chinese characters)); Unbo (운보 (Korean) 雲甫 (Chinese characters)); Kim Ki Chang; Kim Gi-chang


Painter (traditioanl ink painting).
Regarded as a leading painter and artist in 20th century in Korea. Became deaf due to typhoid at the age of seven in 1920. Learnt painting from Kim Eun-Ho (김은호, pen-name: Yidang 이당 以堂) since 1930, who is one of the most famous modern painters. Awarded a prize at the Choson Art Exhibition from 1931, and the highest prize for four consecutive years from 1937 to 1940. Married to painter Park Rae Hyun (박래현, pen-name: Uhyang). Taught at Hongik University in 1954 and Sudo Women Teacher's College (current Sejong University) from 1962 to 1974. Held the first exhibition in Hamhung, Korea in 1942, and many exhibitions abroad since 1963. Awarded National Mark of Honor 'Moran' in 1981. Vice Chairman of Word Federation of the Deaf 1983-1985.