C T Loo & Cie (Biographical details)

C T Loo & Cie (dealer/auction house; 1880 - 1957)

Also known as

Loo, C T et Cie; C T Loo & Cie; Ching Tsai Loo; C T Loo et Compagnie; Lu Qinzhai (盧芹齋)


Company founded by Ching Tsai Loo (1880-1957), the first dealer of Chinese antiquities in Paris. Loo was originally from a wealthy family in Zhejiang, which had been ruined by the Taiping Rebellion in the 1850s, and forced to seek refuge in Shanghai. Loo was sent to Paris at the age of 20 to engage in commerce, which he combined with his love of Chinese art. He opened his first store 'Ton Ying' near the place de la Madeleine. This closed in 1908, when he opened another store 'Lai Yuan'. The current premises (in the style of a red Chinese pagoda) of C T Loo & Cie are at 48, rue de Courcelles. 75008 Paris.


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