Mansur (Biographical details)

Mansur (painter/draughtsman; Indian; Male; c. 1589 - c. 1600; active)

Also known as



Leading nature painter at the court of the Mughal emperor Jahangir; around 1600, briefly also practiced as an illuminator. The emperor took a passionate interest in the natural world and established a compendium of natural history with Mansur's help.
Mansur was extraordinarily talented for scientific documentation. His detailed careful depictions of plants and animals avoided all personal expression and are extremely valuable for their scientific accuracy as well as their artistic perfection. Became known as Ustad Mansur ('Master Mansur'), and the emperor bestowed him with the title Nadir-ul-`Asr ('Miracle of the Age'). The artist accompanied Jahangir on some of his travels and was then in charge of the documentation of plants and animals. Many of his paintings were left unsigned, and only one of his flower paintings can be clearly attributed to him today.


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