Park Young-sook (박영숙 朴英淑) (Biographical details)

Park Young-sook (박영숙 朴英淑) (ceramicist/glass worker/potter; South Korean; Korean; Female; 1947)

Also known as

Park Young-sook (박영숙 (Korean) 朴英淑 (Chinese characters)); Park, Young-Sook; Young-Sook Park; Young Sook Park


Ceramic artist. Born in Kyungju, Korea. Concentrated on the revival of the 'moon jar', white porcelain and punchong ware in the tradition of (royal) kilns of the Choson Dynasty. Founded the Park Young Sook Ceramic Studio (Kyunggi-do, Korea) in 1979. Exhibitions include Living Porcelain Exhibition (New York, 1983), The 11th and 12th Korea Traditional Crafts Exhibition (Seoul, 1986, 1987), Korean Fine Arts Gallery Exhibition (Tokyo, 1987), White Ceramics Exhibition (Seoul, 1993), Han Art Gallery (Taipei, 1995, 1996), Uchiyama Gallery (Tokyo, 2000), Gallery Pahk (New York, 2003), Young Sook Park's White Porcelain "Moon Jar" and Lee Ufan's Dishes (Tokyo, 2008) and The Art of T (Hong Kong, 2010), etc. Her work is held by the Korean National Folklore Museum; Asian Art Museum of San Francisco; Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Musee Royal de Mariemont, Morlanwelz, Belgium; Canadian Government House, Ottawa; and the V&A, etc.