Pu Ru 溥儒 (Biographical details)

Pu Ru 溥儒 (scribe/calligrapher; painter/draughtsman; Chinese; Male; 1887 - 1963)

Also known as

Pu Ru; Pu Ju; Pu Xinyu (溥心畲); Xishan yishi


Pu Ru, also called Pu Xinyu, was a cousin of prince Pu Quan. Their great-grandfather had ruled as the Daoguang emperor (1821-1850). Like his cousin, Pu Ru was educated in the three disciplines, calligraphy, painting and classical Chinese literature. During the revolution and the fall of the Qing dynasty, he fled with his mother and a brother to a monastery in the Western Mountains near Beijing. Pu Ru’s works were included in the international exhibition of modern Chinese art organized by Liu Haisu that travelled through Europe and took place in London in 1935. In 1949 when Communist forces came to power, Pu fled to Taiwan. Together with Huang Junbi he became prominent as an artist and teacher, upholding and transmitting the classical tradition of painting in Taiwan.