Dame Jessica Rawson (Biographical details)

Dame Jessica Rawson (curator; academic/intellectual; British; Female; 1943)

Also known as

Rawson, Jessica Mary


Professor Dame Jessica Rawson was Warden of Merton College, Oxford, Pro-Vice-chancellor and Professor of Chinese Art and Archaeology at Oxford University. She was formerlyCurator specialising in ancient Chinese art; appointed as a curator in the Department of Oriental Antiquities at the British Museum in 1967; Keeper of the Department of Antiquities at the British Museum and President of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1993-1997.
Publications: "Chinese Ornanment: The Lotus and the Dragon", 1984;
"British Museum Book of Chinese Art", 1992;
(with Evelyn Rawski) "China, The Three Emperors 1662-1795", 2005;
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