R F A Riesco (Biographical details)

R F A Riesco (collector; British; Male; 1877 - 1964)

Also known as

Riesco, Reginald F A (1964)


Jimmy Riesco, as R.F.A Riesco was known to his friends, spent a long and distinguished career in the insurance world, starting in 1895 and retiring in December 1954. Besides acquiring Chinese porcelain, he was also an authority on philately and bought watercolours and etchings. He was a Council member of the Oriental Ceramic Society from 1951-1961 and was a generous friend of the Society. He and Mrs Riesco entertained members of the Society at their house and gardens at Heathfield. He built a superb collection of Ming and Qing porcelains and after selecting a few important pieces for the British Museum, donated his whole collection to the corporation of Croydon. This general collection of ceramics is now housed at Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon. It is one of the finest collections of Chinese ceramics outside central London.


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