Matteo Ripa (Ma Guoxian 馬國賢) (Biographical details)

Matteo Ripa (Ma Guoxian 馬國賢) (cleric/religious official; Italian; Male; 1682 - 1746)

Also known as

Ripa, Matteo; 馬國賢; Ma Guoxian


Missionary who worked as an artist at the Qing imperial court. He introduced the technique of copperplate engraving to China for pictorial representations and maps. He engraved a set of thirty-six views of the 'Mountain Villa to Escape the Heat' (Bishushanzhuang), after Shen Yu, in China in 1711-13. It has been suggested that these engravings by Ripa influenced the emergence in the eighteenth century of the landscape or natural style of gardening, which was associated with William Kent, Burlington’s protégé.


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