Agostino Aglio (Biographical details)

Agostino Aglio (printmaker; Italian; British; Male; 1777 - 1857)

Also known as

Aglio, Agostino; Aglio, Augustine


(1820/1) 48 Berner's Street 36 Newman Street, Oxford Street (1831)


Lithographer and drawing master; b. Cremona, settled in England 1803; before his arrival in England had travelled through Greece and Egypt with William Wilkins, R.A.; scene painter at Haymarket, and fresco painter for country houses; began working in lithography from 1809.
He exhibited a painting of Queen Victoria's enthronement in 1840.


DNB; A. Yockney, 'Agostino Aglio', Apollo, Nov 1940, 129-30 and Nov. 1943, 145-6.