Samuel Barenger (Biographical details)

Samuel Barenger (printmaker; military/naval; British; Male; 1775 - 1837)

Also known as

Barenger, Samuel; Barenger, M S; Barrenger, M S


The baptismal name of the engraver `S. Barenger` is Major Samuel Barenger, christened in the Old Church St Pancras 3 June (b. 6 May) 1776. He was the son of John Luff Barenger and his wife Mary, nee Woollett (presumed to be the sister of the engraver William). His younger brother was the animal painter James (q.v.). Probably because his first name appeared to give him a military rank which he could not claim, he did not use it. He signs his prints, which seem to range in date from 1807 into the 1830s, either `M.S.Barenger` or `S. Barenger`.
Information supplied by David Alexander (email 16.ix.2010)


See DNB entry for James Barenger.