Pierre François Beaumont (Biographical details)

Pierre François Beaumont (publisher/printer; printmaker; French; Male; 1719 ? - 1777 after)

Also known as

Beaumont, Pierre François; Beaumont, Eustache


Rue St Jacques, chez Mr Delepine à St Paul, Paris Rue St Jacques vis-à-vis la rue de la Parcheminerie, Paris Sur le Pont Notre Dame au Griffon d'Or Couronné, Paris


Engraver, mostly of Dutch and Flemish masters. The IFF notes that his traditional dates (1719-1769), given by Basan, are implausible, as one of his earlier plates is dated from 1730; moreover the death certificate of his wife (1777) names her as his wife, as opposed to his widow; it is therefore likely he died after 1777.
There are records of a Pierre François Beaumont, member of the Académie de St Luc from 1740, trading at the same address as the engraver, and still active in 1774; however he is never described as an engraver.