William Bellers (Biographical details)

William Bellers (painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1733 fl.)

Also known as

Bellers, William


Portrait painter and draughtsman in crayons; first recorded in 1733 in the signature and date on the drawing, probably a self-portrait, listed as no. 1. Matriculated on 19th April 1734 at Oxford 1734 as a non-academic member of the university as 'Gulielmus Bellers Illuminator, priviligatus'the first epithet doubtless referring to his profession as a limner or painter, the second to his having certain rights, as a 'privileged person'. Was advertised in the London Evening Post, No. 1142, for 18-20:iii:1735, as 'Mr. Bellers, Face-painter, at Oxford', as among those from whom the stock of prints left by Simon Gribelin could be obtained; possibly father of William Bellers II, of Poppins Court, Fleet St. (fl.1752-1773)(see R. E. Graves, ‘Bellers, William (fl. 1749–1773)’, rev. Nicholas Grindle,ODNB Oct 2004) , who exhibited at the Free Society of Artists, 1761-73, landscapes and topographical views in watercolours and crayons, many of them in Lake District and Northumberland, and who published several prints after his works by well-known engravers of the time, such as Chatelain and Ravenet.


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