Nicolaes Berchem (Biographical details)

Nicolaes Berchem (painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1621/22 - 1683)

Also known as

Berchem, Nicolaes Pietersz.; Berchen, Nicolaes; Berghem, Niclas; Berighem, Claes; Berrighem, Nicolaes Pietersz.


Painter and etcher. Born in Haarlem, pupil of his father Pieter Claesz and of Jan van Goyen (q.v.); 1634 in Amsterdam as pupil of Claes Moeyaert; 1637-1639 pupil of Pieter de Grebber in Haarlem; 1642 member of St Luke Guild; from 1660 in Amsterdam. Famous for pastoral and Italianizing landscapes; possibly in Rome 1647-1652.


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