Henry George Bohn (Biographical details)

Henry George Bohn (publisher/printer; collector; British; Male; 1795/6 - 1884)

Also known as

Bohn, Henry George


4 York Street, Covent Garden


Bookseller, publisher and collector of art and porcelain. Made his money from remainders and reprints, including in 1851 an edition of Gillray's prints from the original plates including a separate volume of the so-called "Suppressed Plates" which were seen as offensive to taste. Published books and prints, active from 1831 to 1864 when he sold his business to Bell & Daldy. His posthumous sale of plates and blocks was held at Puttick & Simpson in 1891 (BL 7862 s.9). The BM probably acquired Rubens' so-called 'Costume Book' (1841,1211.1-39) through Bohn. Probably the same as the 'Boone' annotated in many London sale catalogues between 1859-1863; e.g. Lawrence-Woodburne sale (4-14.vi.1860 Christie's). 'Boone' also sold an album of illustrations to 'The History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote' drawn by Francis Hayman (q.v.) to the Museum in 1859.
For a view of his shop see Heal,17.14.