François Boitard (Biographical details)

François Boitard (painter/draughtsman; French; Male; c.1667 - 1719)

Also known as

Boitard, François


Born in Toulouse about 1670 and pupil of La Fage (1656-1690); to London for a few years c.1709, died after 1717; father of Louis Philippe. Mariette calls him 'homme inquiet et debauche', notorious for a set of postures. Returned to Holland after London and died in The Hague.
May have acted as agent to purchase pictures for Dr. Meade's collection.
Signature of Boitard inv. on frontispieces in earliest illustrated edition of Beaumont and Fletcher's Plays, possible early illustrator of Shakespeare? (see H.A. Hammelman article in Country Life, September 24th, 1959).


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