Ferdinand Bol (Biographical details)

Ferdinand Bol (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1616 - 1680)

Also known as

Bol, Ferdinand


Painter; born the son of a surgeon in Dordrecht, Bol may have received his first training there under Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp. Shortly after December 1635, when he signed a document as an independent painter in Dordrecht, he seems to have moved to Amsterdam. There he initially worked in Rembrandt's studio, perhaps as much as an assistant as a pupil. On 30 August 1640, he witnessed a document on Rembrandt's behalf in Amsterdam, where it is thought that he became an independent painter in or by 1641 (when he signed and dated the Sacrifice of Gideon, a painting now in Utrecht, Rijksmuseum 'Het Catharijneconvent').
In 1653 he married Elisabeth Del (d.1660), having obtained Amsterdam citizenship in the previous year, and he became an officer of the local painters' guild in 1655. During these years he was commissioned to produce paintings for the new Town Hall. In 1666 he was a sergeant in an Amsterdam militia company, and other posts of this kind followed. After his second marriage in 1669 to Anna van Arckel, his wealth and social position were enhanced and he seems not to have painted after this date. He died in 1680.
Bol's independent works from the 1640s all betray the influence of Rembrandt, although from the 1650s he increasingly worked in an international manner indebted to van der Helst and van Dyck. The degree with which he continued to respond to Rembrandt's work fluctuated, but the influence is difficult to detect after c.1660.


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