Anthonie van Borssom (Biographical details)

Anthonie van Borssom (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1630/31 - 1677)

Also known as

Borssom, Anthonie van; van Borsum, Anthony; van Boresom, Anthonie


Van Borssom was baptised in Amsterdam on 2 January 1631. His father, Cornelis van Borssom (d.1676), was a gilder and mirror manufacturer from Emden. Anthonie is recorded several times in Amsterdam, where he seems to have spent most of his life, but in 1670 he married a native of Emden, Anna Crimping.
While many of his drawings depict the environs of Amsterdam, they reveal that he also went to Haarlem and Rotterdam, and that he travelled along the Rhine to Rhenen, Emmerich and Kleve (Cleves), probably in the first half of the 1650s (and perhaps again in 1663 – see under van den Eeckhout, 1848,1125.1). However, a general lack of dated works makes a reconstruction of his stylistic development difficult.
Van Borssom's drawing style has generic links with Rembrandt's, but a master-pupil relationship is not recorded (although both artists drew some of the same motifs, including the hanged corpse of Elsje Christians - see Benesch 1105-6 and Sumowski 291). He concentrated chiefly on landscapes, influenced by turns by Paulus Potter, Aelbert Cuyp, Aert van der Neer and others, but his work as a draughtsman more strongly reflects Gerbrand van den Eeckhout and Philips Koninck. He also produced studies of fowl, somewhat in the manner of his slightly younger contemporary, Melchior de Hondecoeter (1636-95). His rare oil paintings include a church interior similar to those produced in Delft by Emanuel de Witte and Hendrik van Vliet (see also 1912,1214,7 and 8). Van Borssom also made some etchings of animals and birds, but these are very rare (only two are in the British Museum).


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