Abraham de Bruyn (Biographical details)

Abraham de Bruyn (publisher/printer; printmaker; Flemish; Male; 1538/40 - 1587)

Also known as

Bruyn, Abraham de; de Bruyn, Abraham


Engraver and publisher. b. Antwerp, where active from 1565, but often moved. c.1576-8 and again after 1585 in Cologne where he died. Father of Nicolaes de Bruyn. Much work for Plantin
Published several books: "Imperii ac Sacerdotii Ornatus, Diversarum item gentium vestitus" (Cologne, 1578); "Diversarum gentium armatura equestris" (Cologne, 1577) and "Omnium paene gentium imagines" (Antwerp, 1581).