Henry William Bunbury (Biographical details)

Henry William Bunbury (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1750 - 1811)

Also known as

Bunbury, Henry William


Illustrator and amateur draughtsman, well-known as a designer of satirical prints. From a landed family, educated Westminster and Cambridge. Grand tour 1769-70. Honorary exhibitor at RA from 1771, equerry to Duke of York in 1780s; retired to Keswick in 1799. His designs were etched by Darly and Bretherton, and (from 1780s) Dickinson.

A letter from Bunbury to Sarah Banks (C.3-152) is kept in an album of Tickets from her collection (c.241*). Horace Walpole's two albums of his work are at Farmington.


Tim Clayton has written an unpublished catalogue of Bunbury's prints, which he has kindly made available, and is the source for much that is in the entries of the BM collection (s:\Lists of locations\Bunbury).