Champante & Whitrow (Biographical details)

Champante & Whitrow (British; 1785 - 1801; fl)

Also known as

Champante & Whitrow; Champante, William


No.2, Jewry Street, Aldgate, London


Wax chandlers, wholesale stationers and playing card makers. Bill-head in Heal Collection (Heal,111.26) states "Bought of Champante & Whitrow, Jewry Street, Aldgate. All kind of Sealing Wax & Wafers Manufactured. Worsley Black-lead Pencils, Pens, Quills & Pen-knives, Ebony Ink Stands, Blands Liverpool Strap-Cases, Various Colour'd & Marble Papers, & Slates of English Manufacture Warranted Good. Wax and Sperma-cæti Candles. With a Large assortment of Stationary [sic] Wares (Wholesale only) on ye lowest Terms." The bill is dated "London 16 Dec. '85." Heal's annotations on mount: "1793 Directory gives Champante & Whitrow, wholesale stationers at No.1 Jewry Street." Heal,33.28 advertises "Champante & Whitrow's Extra Superfine Dutch Wax. London." Heal's annotations on mount: " 'British Directory' 1793 gives Champante & Whitrow, wholesale stationers at above address, 1 Jewry Street, Aldgate. 'New Complete Guide to London' 1777 gives Wm. Champante, wax chandler, No.4. Minories."


Kent's Directory for the Year 1794. Cities of London and Westminster, & Borough of Southwark.
Willshire English 215