Aliprando Caprioli (Biographical details)

Aliprando Caprioli (printmaker; Italian; Male; fl.1574 - 1599)

Also known as

Caprioli, Aliprando; Capriolo, Aliprando


Engraver, from the Trentino. Active in Rome from 1574. 1574 admitted to the Virtuosi del Pantheon (Orbaan). Papal privilege to Caprioli, April 1596 to cover various devotional images as well as his 'Ritratti di Cento Capitani Illustri' (Leuschner; for the Ritratti, see also Bertolotti). His engraving style was strongly influenced by Cort.
First dated work was the Last Supper after Taddeo Zuccaro, 1575. He engraved a series of plates of the life of St Benedict (after Passari) published 1579. His last dated work was the Articoli del Credo, 1599, copies of engravings of Jan Sadeler after Martin de Vos. 5 plates of religious subjects are listed in Vaccari's stocklist of 1614 (Ehrle). Berto Alberti recorded among the possessions which were divided between him and his brother's children, 23 August 1586: "Stampe di Liprando, numero 42" (Azzi)


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