Pieter Casteels III (Biographical details)

Pieter Casteels III (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; designer; Flemish; British; Male; 1684 - 1749)

Also known as

Casteels, Pieter; Casteels, Peter; Kasteels, Peter


Painter, etcher and designer, leading artist of flowers and exotic birds (often as chimney pieces); born in Antwerp; son and pupil of Pieter Casteels II (but placed as British); in London with brother-in-law, Peter Tillemans (q.v.); settled permanently in England after 1708 with brief sojourns elsewhere; became Director of Kneller Academy 1711; returned to Antwerp 1712 to become a Master; 1717 returned to England, published twelve etchings of his own designs in 1726; in Tooting 1735 and then in Richmond where he executed designs for calico printing; died Richmond 1749. Robert Furber, gardener of a nursery at Kensington, provided the specimens for, and jointly backed, the successful series of plates after Peter Casteels (q.v.) 'The Twelve Months of Flowers' (1730) and '... Fruits' (1733). His trade card is in the Banks Collection (Banks,64.3+).