Giovanni Battista de' Cavalieri (Biographical details)

Giovanni Battista de' Cavalieri (publisher/printer; printmaker; Italian; Male; c.1525 - 1601)

Also known as

Cavalieri, Giovanni Battista de'; Cavallieri, Giovanni Battista; Cavalleris, Joannes Baptista


Engraver, printer and print publisher, from Villa Lagarina near Trento. Active in Venice and from 1559 in Rome. 1577 he had a bottega in Parione which he let out to a cartolaio, Girolamo Agnelli. His own house was in the vicolo di Palazzo Savelli, with a workshop next to it. He was the brother-in-law of Lorenzo Vaccari (Masetti Zannini, 1981). Record of death 23 July 1601.
Made plates for Antonio Salamanca, Lafreri and Faleti. By 1560 he seems to have been publishing his own plates. He entered into partnerships for publishing: in 1567 with Perino Zecchini de Guarlottis (Masetti Zannini, 1980) and in 1576 with Lorenzo Vaccari (TNH 100). In 1577 he was employing a printer: Francesco Cornuti (Masetti Zannini, 1981). He acquired old plates that he recut. He published plates by his contemporaries, including Cort. He himself engraved after works of many artists, including Francesco Salviati, Daniele da Volterra, Raphael, Michelangelo, Polidoro da Caravaggio, Livio Agresti and Baccio Bandinelli. He also made copies of earlier prints. His subject matter included the devotional, topographical, antiquarian, didactic and 'popular'. He published a number of important series: the 'Pontificum Romanorum Effigies' of 1580 and the 'Romanorum Imperatorum Effigies' of 1583; the 'Ecclesiae Militantis Triumphi' of 1583 and the 'Ecclesiae Anglicanae Trophaea' of 1584; the 'Antiquarum Statuarum Urbis Romae', the first book of which was first published before 1561/2 (Book 1 and 2 together, before 1584; Books 3 and 4 in 1594).


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