Hieronymus Cock (Biographical details)

Hieronymus Cock (publisher/printer; printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Flemish; Male; c.1510 - 1570)

Also known as

Cock, Hieronymus; Cock, Jérome


Antwerp, 'Aux Quatre Vents'/'In de Vier Winden'


Born in Antwerp about 1520, Cock was painter, printmaker and art dealer as well as a print publisher. Son of Jan Wellens de Cock (q.v.), brother of Matthijs (q.v.). 1545 in St Luke Guild in Antwerp. He visited Rome in the late 1540s, which provided the impetus to start up his own publishing firm in Antwerp in 1548, 'Aux Quatre Vents'. He made a few of the plates himself, but most were commissioned from designers and engravers, orchestrated by Cock. It was to become the most important print publishing firm from outside Italy before his death in 1570. The firm was continued by his widow (Volcxken Diercx) until her death in 1600 (the inventory of her estate survives with a list of her plates). Many of the plates were later taken over by Philips Galle (qv), a family friend and her executor.


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