Edward William Cocks (Biographical details)

Edward William Cocks (British; Male; c. 1803 - 1843)

Also known as

Cocks, Edward William


Edward William Cocks was professionally active as a scene-painter at Vauxhall Gardens from 1828 (first press mention), principal painter there by about 1830 and working there until 1840 when the Gardens closed. In 1841 (Jan/Feb) he did a 'cosmorama' of the embarkation of Napoleon's remains from St Helena and the Bombardment of Acre (both being events of 1840) at the Royal Gallery of Practical Science, Adelaide Street (the Adelaide Gallery). By spring 1843 he was in the London and Middlesex debtors' prison from which he appears to have been released at a hearing on 2 June (Portugal Street). There is then no further trace of him or his longstanding common-law second wife Sarah (nee Marshall) whom he finally married at St John's Hoston on 21 Feb 1842.
(Information supplied by Dr Pieter van der Merwe via email, January 2016).