Miss G M Coles (Biographical details)

Miss G M Coles (British; Female; 1884 c. - 1946)

Also known as

Coles, Gertrude Mary


Dehra Dun, India (84 Rajpur-road)


Bequest of paintings and drawings to the Museum in 1948 through the National Art Collections Fund, in conjunction with Percival Chater Manuk (q.v.) with whom she lived in Dehra Dun and whom she predeceased by two months, dying on 4 June 1946. In her will she left her collection to Manuk "or if it is in doubt which died first (owing to the uncertainty of the times)" to the NACF. She had family in Wales.

Gertrude Mary Coles appears on the BM Benefactor panels.


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