Captain James Cook (Biographical details)

Captain James Cook (military/naval; British; Male; 1728 - 1779)

Also known as

Cook, James


English sailor and explorer; RN; FRS; surveyed the St. Lawrence River and the coast of Newfoundland 1763-1767; first voyage to New Zealand and eastern coast of Australia 1768-1771; second voyage to circumnavigate at high latitudes and explore Antarctica 1772-1775; third voyage 1776-1780 in search of a Northwest Passage around Canada and Alaska. This was completed after his death.
Cook was killed during a conflict on 14th February 1779, on his third voyage, at Kealakekua Bay, on Hawaii Island, the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago.
Hawaiian tradition says that he was killed by a chief named Kalanimanokahoowaha or Kanaina. Cook's body underwent funerary rituals similar to those reserved for the chiefs and highest elders of the society. The body was disembowelled, flesh was removed and his bones were carefully cleaned for preservation. Some of Cook's remains were eventually returned to Britain for a formal burial at sea following an appeal by the crew.


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