Pierre Crozat (Biographical details)

Pierre Crozat (collector; French; Male; 1665 - 1740)

Also known as

Crozat, Pierre


Art collector, who formed a famous collection of drawings, auctioned after his death in 1741 with a catalogue by P.J.Mariette. He also collected many other types of object, paintings, sculpture, intaglios and so forth.
Commissioned various artists to reproduce famous paintings and drawings of the era; 140 plates reproducing works from the Roman school were published under the title of 'Recueil d'estampes d'après les plus beaux tableaux et d'après les plus beaux desseins qui sont en France' (also known as 'Recueil Crozat'), published in 1729. A second volume formed by 42 prints (instead of the 110 plates initially planned) reproducing Venitian works was issued in 1737. After Crozat's death, the plates were sold to a company of booksellers who commissioned Mariette to reorganize the 'Recueil'; Mariette divided the plates into two volumes, added some missing descriptions, and advertised the set to the public in 1742. In 1764, Basan bought the plates and the text, and republished the 'Recueil', replacing the woodcuts by intaglio prints. Basan also published the 45 plates reproducing the Italian paintings from the collection of the Duc d'Orléans in a volume entitled 'Recueil d'après la gallerie du palais royal'
See Heinecken, 'Idée générale d'une collection d'estampes', Paris 1771, p.76; and Haskell, 'The Painful Birth of the Art Book', Walter Neurath memorial lecture ,1987.

The paraph Lugt 2951 was formerly associated with Pierre Crozat but it now known to be that of d'Argenville, see J. Labbé and L.Bicart-Sée, 'Antoine-Joseph Dezallier d'Argenville as a collector of drawings', "Master Drawings", XXV, 3, Autumn 1987, pp. 276-81


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Lugt 3612 (Crozat number)