Hans Döring (Biographical details)

Hans Döring (printmaker; German; Male; 1490 - 1558)

Also known as

Döring, Hans; Ritter, Hans


Painter, draughtsman and designer of woodcuts from Thüringia. He developed under the influence of Lucas Cranach the Elder. In the second decade of the century, he moved to Hesse and worked chiefly as a portrait painter for the Grafs Solms-Lich and Solms-Laubach. He was also employed c. 1511 in Dürer's workshop to assist in the production of the Heller altarpiece in Frankfurt. He settled at Wetzlar and continued in the employ of the Solms family, latterly working for Graf Reinhard zu Solms (1491-1562). The 'Kriegsbeschreibung nach alter Teutschen Ordnung, Gebrauch und Herkommen', printed in Lieh, 1559-61, was illustrated with woodcuts by Döring and the woodblock of one of them, 'Charles V on horseback', is in the Schloss, Laubach.


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