Edward Dayes (Biographical details)

Edward Dayes (painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1763 - 1804)

Also known as

Dayes, Edward


Topographical watercolourist and aspirant history painter; master of Girtin (q.v.); listed in the Royal Academy catalogues as 'Draughtsman to HRH the Duke of York'.
Dayes began his career apprenticed to William Pether, a printmaker skilled at mezzotint and enrolled at the Royal Academy Schools in 1780. Dayes was a significant figure in the incipient school of British watercolourists beyond his training of Girtin. He was one of the leading topographical artists at the end of the eighteenth century and also, as Jonathan Yarker has recently illuminated, produced and exhibited history paintings in both watercolours and oils, concurrently publishing a series of nine `Essays on Painting' in the "Philosophical Magazine".


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