Amabel Hume-Campbell, Countess De Grey (Biographical details)

Amabel Hume-Campbell, Countess De Grey (author/poet; British; Female; 1751 - 1833)

Also known as

Campbell, Amabel Hume-; Hume-Campbell, Amabel; Yorke, Amabel; De Grey; Lucas of Crudwell; Hume of Berwick; Polwarth


Political writer, collector and amateur artist (prints by her in the BM collection are kept under the name Campbell, Amabel Hume-); daughter of Jemima, Marchioness Grey and Baroness Lucas of Crudwell, and Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl Hardwicke; 1772, married Alexander Hume-Campbell, Lord Polwarth; 1797, succeeded her mother as Baroness Lucas of Crudwell; 1816, created Countess De Grey (the Marquessate of Grey having expired on her mother's death). On her death the title passed to her nephew, Thomas Philip Robinson who became 2nd Earl De Grey and Baron Lucas of Crudwell and assumed the surname De Grey (q.v.). In December 1917 more than 4,000 prints from the family collection were given to the British Museum; it was assumed at that time (and recorded under Lugt, 1696) that the prints were largely collected by the 2nd Earl, but many of those published during her lifetime were originally acquired by the Countess as her diary records..
She stated in a letter to Benjamin West (K. Sloan, PQ, December 2011) that she was taught to etch by James Bretherton (q.v.); as a girl she had been given drawing lessons by James Basire and Alexander Cozens (qq.v.)


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