William Dickinson (Biographical details)

William Dickinson (publisher/printer; printmaker; British; Male; 1746 - 1823)

Also known as

Dickinson, William; Dickenson, William


No. 180, near Norfolk Street, Strand (1774) at Mr Sledge's, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden (1776) 158 Bond Street, London (in 1782-7) New Bond Street (in 1787-90) 24 Old Bond Street, London (in May 1791) 23 Old Bond Street, London (in June 1791) Mr Bradshaw's Brewer Street (1799) Rue du Bacq, No. 69, Faub. St. Germain (1809-10) Rue Wertingham No 8 près l'Abbaye St Germain, Faubourg Saint Germain, Paris (c.1810s)


Mezzotinter and print publisher; began his career with Bowles. Awarded premium of Society of Arts in 1767. In 1773 set up as his own publisher; 1779-81 in partnership with Thomas Watson; in 1797 went bankrupt, and emigrated to Paris where he produced portraits for members of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic regimes; in 1814 Thomas Lawrence and Benjamin West visited him in Paris, the latter trying to persuade him to come back to London to engrave his paintings. He died in Paris in1823 and his death was noted in the Gentleman's Magazine for September 1823 p.286. Véronique Meyer (personal communication, June 2013) noted the following references in the Archives nationales de Paris (archives de la Seine): "DICKINSON : Graveur anglais, 1021 (B) dossier 8.; 6 AZ 12 [...] permis de séjour accordé par le général commandant de la 1èredivision militaire de Paris à Thomas William Dickenson (26 avril 1809)."


Chaloner Smith (95 nos)
Auction in 1794: see Sc.A.1.30