Robert Dighton (Biographical details)

Robert Dighton (publisher/printer; printmaker; painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1752 - 1814)

Also known as

Dighton, Robert; Deighton, Robert


12 Charing Cross, London 6 Charing Cross, London 4 Spring Gardens Charing Cross, London


Singer and draughtsman, especially known for designs for satirical prints, which he initially supplied to Carington Bowles and Haines. Later plates he etched, published and sold himself. Stole prints from the British Museum (see A. Griffiths, 'Landmarks in Print Collecting', BM 1996, pp. 10, 49-50, 60, 276-83).
Son of the art dealer, John Dighton (q.v.). Father of three artists, Robert junior, Denis and Richard (q.v.), who seem to have worked together as a family business, with a common stock of plates.


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