Lambert Doomer (Biographical details)

Lambert Doomer (painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1624 - 1700)

Also known as

Doomer, Lambert; Domer, Lambert


The son of Harmen Doomer (q.v.), a frame-maker and joiner from Anrath near Krefeld. Lambert Doomer's parents were portrayed by Rembrandt, with whom Lambert, who was born in Amsterdam, may have studied in the first half of the 1640s, although only copies by him after Rembrandt (most of which were probably made later) survive to support the supposition. He owned five albums of drawings by Rembrandt which he presumably acquired at or after the sales of the latter's property in 1657-1658. He travelled in France in 1645-1646, accompanied in 1646 by Willem Schellinks, who recorded their tour in a diary. Back in Amsterdam in 1648, in 1663 Doomer travelled in Germany along the Rhine. On these travels he made topographical drawings, many of which he later copied, probably on commission. From 1669-1693/4 he lived at Alkmaar, but he returned to Amsterdam in 1695. Although a prolific draughtsman, his oil paintings are rare.