Adam Elsheimer (Biographical details)

Adam Elsheimer (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; German; Male; 1578 - 1610)

Also known as

Elsheimer, Adam; Elshamer, Adam; Ehlsheimer, Adam; Elzheimer, Adam


Painter, draughtsman and etcher. Born Frankfurt am Main 1578, died Rome 1610. Signature: Ehlsheimer. Travelled to Venice in 1598 and Rome in 1600 where he remained until death. Sometimes there called Adamo Tedesco or da Frankfort.


Hollstein (D+F series) (16 nos, following Hind in PCQ XII 232-56, XIII 8-29)
Keith Andrews, 'AE, paintings, drawings, prints', Oxford 1977 (catalogue of 58 numbers, 52-59 being etchings attributed to him)
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