William Esdaile (Biographical details)

William Esdaile (collector; British; Male; 1758 - 1837)

Also known as

Esdaile, William


Banker in Lombard Street, partner in Esdaile, Hammet & Co; assembled a very fine collection of prints and drawings. Bought from Thane (whose will he witnessed), and at the Lawrence sale. A long description of his house in Clapham and the wide-ranging collections it contained, is in J.T.Smith, 'A Book for a rainy day', under 1829.
His seven posthumous sales in 1838-40 were a disaster. Smith offered £4,200 for the prints, which was refused; at the sale they made £3,309. There are copies of his sale catalogues in the library in the P&D Print Room: G. Jones, 2 .iii.1819; the remainder at Christie's, 19.iii + 2 days.1838, 11-16.vi.1840, 17.vi.1840, 18-25.vi.1840, 26, 27, 29.vi.1840, 30.vi.1840.


Lugt 2617 (see also 816 for another collector's mark)