Etching Club (Biographical details)

Etching Club (1838 - 1885; active)

Also known as

Etching Club


Founded in February 1838, with a limit of 12 artists. Plates made at meetings that were later revised and commercially sold as series. These were:
1841 The Deserted Village
1843 Songs of Shakespeare
1844 Etched thoughts of the Etching Club
1847 Gray's Elegy in a country churchyard
1849 L'Allegro
1853 Songs and ballads of Shakespeare
1857 Etchings for the Art Union of London
1865 Selection of etchings (being work of 1858-61)
1872 Etchings for the Art Union of London
1879 21 etchings
1880 Il Penseroso

There was a later spin-off in the so-called 'Junior' etching club (whence the first one was sometimes later known as the 'Old' etching club).


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