John Evans (Biographical details)

John Evans (publisher/printer; British; Male; 1790s - 1820s; fl.)

Also known as

Evans, John; John Evans and Son


no.41 Long Lane, Smithfield, London (1790- 93- 99 - dates on prints) no. 42 Long Lane, Smithfield, London (1796-1816 - dates on prints)


Publisher of ballads, popular prints etc. Stoker makes clear, using court and other records, that he began his career working for John Marshall (q.v.) both in Aldermary Churchyard and later at 42 Long Lane. After a court case in 1793 he moved next door to 41 Long Lane, in 1796 taking over no. 42 as well. From 1816 address includes 'and Son'. See also Thomas Evans.


David Stoker, John Marshall, John Evans, and the Cheap Repository Tracts, 1793-1800, in Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, 107:1 (2013), pp.75-112