William Fawkener (Biographical details)

William Fawkener (collector; British; Male; 1769)

Also known as

Fawkener, William


Collector. Nephew of Sir Everard Fawkener (his father Kenelm was Everard's brother). Will in PRO PROB11/947 fol.123 (= stamped 218).
Bequeathed to the BM in 1769 'my collection of prints drawings etc contained in a mahogany chest of shelves for that purpose'. On arrival in the BM it was noted to consist of 39 volumes. Four of these, with the Mss nos. 5210-3 (=T.11-14) contained 386 drawings. The remainder had prints, but it is impossible to know what these were unless Fawkener's initials are found actually written on a print.


Lugt 2620
Lugt 921