Count Moritz Christian Johann von Fries (Biographical details)

Count Moritz Christian Johann von Fries (collector; Austrian; Male; 1777 - 1826)

Also known as

Fries, Moritz von; Fries, Moritz Christian Johann von; Fries, Maurice Christian de


Viennese banker. Great collector of prints and drawings; brother of Count Joseph von Fries (q.v.) whose collection and business he inherited in 1788. His curator was F Rechberger, whose signature is found on the verso of many of Fries's prints. The prints were mounted on a yellowish paper called 'Fries paper' in England (see Lugt). The firm fell into difficulties c.1820 and the collections were sold piecemeal. The prints and books went in a big sale in Amsterdam in 1824, with the remainder following in 1826-8. Fries himself moved to Paris where he died.
In 1800 he had married Maria Theresia zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (q.v.); and in 1825, Fanny Münzenberg (1795-1869). His Christian name is often found spelled Moriz.


Lugt 2903