Capt Alfred Walter Francis Fuller (Biographical details)

Capt Alfred Walter Francis Fuller (military/naval; collector; British; Male; 1882 - 1961)

Also known as

Fuller, Alfred Walter Francis; Fuller, A W F


The Lodge, 7 Sydenham Hill, London SE26 (1921-1923) 50 Kingsmead Road, SW2


Captain Alfred Walter Francis Fuller (1882 – 1961) initially trained as a lawyer but went on to develop his father’s ardent collecting interests - extending to Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. Following service as an army captain in World War I he was pensioned after the armistice on grounds of ill health and in 1918 was made honorary curator at the British Museum at the request of the keeper of the Ethnological Department. Precluded by partial deafness, caused by wartime service, from resuming work as a solicitor, Fuller devoted himself to the formation of his collections, especially from the Pacific (a part of the world he never visited). He later sold much of his collection to the Field Museum in Chicago.

The British Museum has 587 artefacts donated or bequeathed by Fuller, most originating from the Americas, Africa and Asia.


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