Philips Galle (Biographical details)

Philips Galle (publisher/printer; printmaker; painter/draughtsman; dealer/auction house; Flemish; Male; 1537 - 1612)

Also known as

Galle, Philips; Galle, Philippe; Gallaeus, Philippus


1st address in Antwerp: Het Gulden Hert in the Lombardenvest or in Latin 'ad insigne cervi aurei in platea lombardica veteri' (The Golden Deer) 2nd address in Antwerp: De Witte Leie in the Kammenstraat (The White Lily)


Leading engraver and print dealer based in Antwerp; born in 1537 in Haarlem, it's possible that he was a pupil of Dirk Volkertsz. Coornhert, moved to Antwerp where he worked in the workshop of Hieronymus Cock (q.v.) After 1557 he started his own publishing and print business, for which he travelled extensively: in 1560-61 he visited the southern Netherland, France, Germany and Italy. After 1564 he settled in Antwerp, where he acquired citizenship in 1571. One of the most prolific publishers in Europe in the second half of the sixteenth century after Cock died in 1570. He was also executor of Cock's estate after his widow, Volckxen Diercx, died in 1600; he acquired many of Cock's plates and re-published them.


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