Arent de Gelder (Biographical details)

Arent de Gelder (painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1645 - 1727)

Also known as

Gelder, Arent de; Gelder, Aert de


Born in Dordrecht of well-to-do parents, where he initially studied under Samuel van Hoogstraten before moving to Amsterdam as a pupil of Rembrandt in around 1662. He worked in his native Dordrecht after his apprenticeship, being recorded there in 1669. His earliest independent signed and (clearly) dated painting is from 1671 (Ecce Homo, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie, repr. Sumowski, Gem., II, 1983, no.723, p.1183; von Moltke, 1994, pl.66). Unlike most of Rembrandt's pupils he remained more or less faithful to his master's painterly style until his death in 1727.


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