Giovanni Antonio da Brescia (Biographical details)

Giovanni Antonio da Brescia (printmaker; Italian; Male; 1490 - 1519; fl.)

Also known as

Giovanni Antonio da Brescia; Brescia, Giovanni Antonio da; Zoan Andrea


Engraver: b.Brescia, perhaps later in Rome. The printmaker formerly known as Zoan Andrea is the same person as Giovanni Antonio da Brescia (see D. Landau and S. Boorsch, Mantegna, exhibition catalogue Royal Academy and Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1992, pp.57-61, where his oeuvre is expanded beyond Hind). He is undocumented, but active from the 1490s in north Italy, and from c.1509 in Rome where he is active until at least 1519. The prints with the ZA monogram belong before 1505/7; those with Io An Bx after.


Hind 1948; Dates according to Saur