Hubert Goltzius (Biographical details)

Hubert Goltzius (printmaker; academic/intellectual; Flemish; Male; 1526 - 1583)

Also known as

Goltzius, Hubert


Humanist author, antiquarian and numismatist, with some training as a painter. Great-uncle of Hendrik. b.Venlo, studied under Lambert Lombard in Liège, and then from 1546-58 in Antwerp. From 1558 settled in Bruges. Published several works on ancient numismatics of which the most famous is his 'Vitae et vivae omnium fere Imperatorum imagines' (Antwerp 1557), in five language editions, illustrated with two-colour woodcut over etchings portrait medallions of each emperor (copy in BM, 209*.a.3, and another set broken up). He is assumed to have etched these plates himself.


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