Charles Francis Greville (Biographical details)

Charles Francis Greville (collector; scientist/engineer; British; Male; 1749 - 1809)

Also known as

Greville, Charles Francis


Edgware Row, Paddington Green, London


British mineralogist, horticulturist and collector, especially of mineral specimens; second son of Francis, 1st Earl of Warwick (1719-1773). Nephew of Sir William Hamilton, and previous lover of Emma Lyon/Hart (qq.v.). In 1774 involved in the acquisition of Burdett's secret for making aquatint. 1786, set up a printing press at his house in Paddington to print Bartolozzi's etchings of the Portland Vase. Sale of 'The Valuable Loose Prints and Drawings by Ancient and Modern masters of the Late Rt. Hon. C.F. Greville Deceased', Christie's, 4 April 1810 "at Paddington Green at the dwelling house of the late proprietor".